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Adding and Editing Content:

How to add a “Post” (news article):\

Remember to select at least one Category for the post to show up in the right place. 

How to add an image (picture, flyer, .jpg etc.) to your post or page:

This also works for video files!

Choose your favorite image to be the “Featured Image” (set featured image). 

Click for larger image

How to add a PDF File to your post or page:

To make our site more accessible to people with disabilities, avoid using a .PDF file or an image where simple text will work. Sometimes this cannot be avoided since it’s a paper form or a document with complex formatting. If you use PDF files, don’t scan them, because this creates an image which search engines cannot read. However, if you export your MS Office, etc. files to a PDF file, they should be accessible by people as well as Google.

Follow the same procedure as for images —

Except that for a PDF file, the document title will show up instead of an image, like this: Sign Examples. It’s easier to create the title as shown in Step 2, but if you don’t, you can still edit it just like any other text like this All the sign Examples. Doing so does not change the actual file name.


This process is not for items in the Document Library such as Minutes, Agendas, Ordinances, Audits, Budgets, Official city forms. The easiest way to do this is by using the Easy Upload button.

How to create a hyperlink to a page on this site or to a page that is off the site:

(like this):

How to insert something from the Document Library like this:

[mdocs single-file=”1615″ ]

On the editing menu, click on the little “m” (it’s second from the right). Select “Add mDocs file.” Pick the file you want from the list (you may need to scroll down) and click the INSERT SHORT CODE button. When you’re editing the file, you will just see some [words and numbers between brackets like this] but when you view it live, you will see the document.


Paragraph Styles:

Select the text, then use the dropdown box located below the Add Media or Add Form buttons.  The formatting will look like this:

Heading 1: Assigned automatically (page or post title), so don’t use this one.

Heading 2: the First subtitle you would use on a page.

Heading 3: Information that is below an H2 on the hierarchy.

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Basic text is formatted as “Paragraph” by default.

More Content-Creation Tips:

  1. There are three tabs above the page editor: VISUAL, TEXT and PAGE BUILDER. Make sure the tab that says VISUAL is selected. A small number of your pages may have been built using the Page Builder – ask for more info if you need to edit these. If you get stuck and all you see is code, you may be on the TEXT editor by mistake … just click on the VISUAL tab and you will be fine.
  2. Pasting text from MS Word should be OK, but if things look off, try pasting as PLAIN text. If you use Chrome, you can right-click your mouse to paste as plain text. Or, use the clipboard tool (4th from left, 2nd row, with a T on it)
  3. Pick your categories before you post (they are easy to change, though).
  4. Please include at least 1 nice photo in each post. Either use a new one or pick one from the Media Library.
  5. Save it as a DRAFT or PENDING REVIEW if you don’t want folks to see it just yet. You can even change the status after it has been “PUBLISHED.”

Ask your Webmaster to change these for you:

  • E-mail Forms – Content and Routing (changing an e-mail address the form is delivered to).
  • Items in the sidebar or bottom widgets (such as contact information), unless they are pulled from something else (such as an event, or a news item).
  • Home Page or any other pages with complicated design (“Page Builder”).
  • Adding or deleting Pages or changing site navigation (changing a menu). Editors may add a Page, but new pages have to manually be added to (and removed from) the navigation menu.

WordPress Help:

This site has a lot of good, basic how-to info and screenshots.  (note that we use the “Classic Editor” and not the “Block Editor” so ignore anything related to the Block editor)

Mobile App:

Create posts etc. on your Android or IOS device with the official WordPress App for your phone:

Grammar & Spelling Help:

Inline grammar, spelling, and punctuation while writing your posts – A FREE browser extension – a quick install places a helper in your browser.

Stock Photos:

Free stock photos at: