Update City of Tom Bean Property Taxes in 2020

New Home signThe appraisal district is only responsible for determining what the market value of your property was on January 1. The taxing jurisdictions (county, cities, schools, hospital districts, and water districts) determine your tax burden based upon the tax rates they adopt to fund their operating budgets.

The property tax rates for the City of Tom Bean have been steadily going down over the last six years as shown below. Due to the increase of new homes being built, this will enable us to decrease the property tax rates over the coming years as well.

2014–.623753/$100 valuation
2015–.623753/$100 valuation
2016–.596287/$100 valuation
2017–.567362/$100 valuation
2018–.567362/$100 valuation
2019–.535992/$100 valuation
2020–.528211/$100 valuation (proposed by the city council on 09/08)