Police Reserve Program

About the Tom Bean Police Reserve Program:

As an auxiliary program, The Tom Bean Police Reserve Program operates at the discretion of the Chief of Police, and assists the Tom Bean Police Department in the protection of life, property, and the preservation of peace and order. The reserve program has been established for the primary purpose of augmenting the department’s patrol function, and secondarily to assist the department with other needs as determined by the Chief of Police. Reserve police officers serve the community in an ancillary/auxiliary capacity and are commissioned by the department to perform a variety of law enforcement duties.

Assignment to the Police Reserve Program is open to anyone that meets and complies with the following criteria and requirements listed below:

  1. Must be an American citizen,
  2. Must be a resident of Grayson County, or a contiguous county, unless a special exception has been granted by the Chief of Police,
  3. Must be at least 21 years of age,
  4. Must have a high school education or (GED) general equivalency diploma,
  5. Must be licensed (TCOLE) as a peace officer in the State of Texas,
  6. Must have at least two years of prior law enforcement experience with a law enforcement agency of comparable size or larger,
  7. Applicants’ background review must show them to be unsullied in all major aspects (work history, personal life, etc.), clearly demonstrate suitability for reserve assignments, and clearly show an aptitude to function as a reserve officer.

For more information on becoming a Tom Bean Police Reserve Officer, please contact Staff Sergeant Zach Smith: zach.smith@tombeantx.gov