Burning Permit Application

First, check to see if Grayson County has issued a burn ban.

Outdoor Burning permit application 

  1. All permits notifications MUST be submitted to the Tom Bean City Hall 24 hours in advance of scheduled burn date.
  2. Permits MUST be reviewed by the Chief of Police before permission is given to the residence to burn.
  3. The Police Chief and/ or a member of the Tom Bean Fire Department can refuse or cancel any open-air burn at any time prior to or after a burn has been approved.
  4. Permits are only issued between 10:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday; resident will be notified once a permit has been approved.
  5. Permits are good only for a 12 hour period and between the hours of 10:00 AM and (1) one hour before dusk Monday through Sunday.
  6. Resident MUST be 18 years or older to apply for an open-air permit and must be present at the burn site at all times.
  7. No person shall set, maintain or increase an open-air burn at any time except by permission from the Police Chief.
  8. Open air burns SHALL NOT be permitted during period of drought, high wind advisories (exceeds 15 mph), and bad weather events. The City of Tom Bean shall following all burn bans and wind advisories issued by Grayson County and Ozone Action Day designated by TCEQ.
  9. Resident MUST ensure they have appropriate means to extinguish an open-air burn completely at the end of the allotted time by means of fire extinguishing equipment and/ or a water source necessary to control the fire until such fire is completely cold.
  10. Permits are only good for the property occupied by the residence and anopen-airr burn MUST be conducted on a location that is at least 300 ft. from the nearest building or structure that is not on the same property.
  11. Failing to comply with the regulations with the above said ordinances 2010-03 and 2014-04 can result in loss of property; payment of restitution to the Police Department, Fire Department, or nearby homeowners; and payments of fine and fees that could total up to $500.00
  12. You are responsible for the open air burn and the smoke it creates on from your property. You are liable for all damages, injuries, or other consequences that may result from burning, when it is carried out in compliance with these regulations.