Message from the Chief

Photo of the chiefOn behalf of our family, the members of The Tom Bean Police Department, I welcome you to our official web page.

Tom Bean Police Department is a unique and dynamic organization that strives to provide the highest level of protection to the citizens and businesses who call the City of Tom Bean home, as well as the visitors who come to Tom Bean to enjoy all that we have to offer here.

We are extremely proud of our department’s contributions toward making Tom Bean a safe place to live and work. Our success is only possible through the ongoing dedication, commitment and outstanding efforts of the officers working in our department, and because of the support of our city leaders.

Our mission is simple: to provide quality, professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Tom Bean.

Our website is just one way of demonstrating the sense of commitment, professionalism and dedication that the members of our department tirelessly work to achieve. We believe a critical component of our mission in providing quality, professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Tom Bean is upholding an obligation to keep you informed about the officers, individuals, and activities of the Tom Bean Police Department.

On these pages, you will learn firsthand about our department and the services we provide. We will also share with you pertinent information about department activities. Our philosophy is rooted deeply in maintaining an open dialog with the citizenry. This is what we like to call the “proactive approach”, meaning that we try to anticipate and act upon safety and crime hazards before they take root. This requires regular input from the community.

The Tom Bean Police Department strives to be recognized for the quality of its personnel, professionalism, and service to the community. I am sure that you will agree that the most important goal for any law enforcement agency is to provide the safest environment possible for those we serve. Due to your support, we have maintained a high level of trust with the community which we hope will continue to flourish.

Please remember that we exist to serve, and that your public safety/law enforcement related needs are our highest priority. I welcome you to call, email, or visit us to let us know how our family may better serve your family.


Timothy E. Green
Chief of Police