Opportunities to help Tom Bean Volunteer Fire Department TODAY!

Tom Bean’s Fire Department is all about neighbors helping neighbors.

Last year members donated 2,300 hours of their time to answer calls and train, and ran 343 calls.

Thanks to your contributions, we lowered our ISO rating to a 5 from an 8, reducing your homeowner’s insurance rates. With additional equipment and the city’s advances, we are hoping to lower the ISO rating even more — we need your help to make this happen!

Tom Bean Fire Station with vehicles

How is the fire department funded?

We only receive a little over $25,000 annually from city and county contracts — this buys the bare minimum of fuel, insurance, loan payments, communications systems, and truck maintenance. But, our call volume goes up each year.

Where we need help: Our grant applications to buy equipment needed to maintain the ISO rating are often successful. But the grants only cover 90% of the cost, leaving our department to pay the other 10%. Even 10% is a big price for a very small budget — $12,000 or more for a brush truck.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN! Your DONATIONS will help to cover unexpected expenses such as truck failure and equipment replacement. Support of any kind, large or small, is greatly appreciated. So, please help us so we can help you when the time comes for an emergency.

Our Wish List:

  • Pay off Building & New Engine – $12,000
  • New Brush Truck – $12,000 (after grant)
  • Replace all Air Bottles – $2100-$4200 (after grant)
Thanks to a couple of council members and a local benefit, the city was able to provide a $1,000 donation to our Tom Bean Volunteer Fire Department, which allowed them to replace a piece of equipment that was 20+ years old.

How you can help:

Mail checks to:
101 W Garner St., Tom Bean, TX 75491

or bring them by the station:
101 W. Garner St.

Donations Through Venmo






If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us: E-mail tombeanfiredept@outlook.com or call 903-821-0542.

Thank you for your support!

— Tom Bean Volunteer Fire Department

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