Mayor’s Newsletter — December, 2018

As we launch our new City of Tom Bean website, the City Council and I are so happy to have finally accomplished this overdue project. It will feature many new options of which several will be automated and more convenient for you, as the customer, to use and communicate easier with the city staff.

As we start 2019, there are several projects that I am very proud that we accomplished last year. They include the Holcombville Water Systems Improvement grant of which was a $207,420 grant with the city’s portion being $18,000. New water lines have been installed throughout the neighborhood in addition to two new fire hydrants.

We were also notified that we were a recipient of the TNMP grant for $2,155 in which we will be installing new radio-controlled remotes for the siren system. Last year we started the new North Well (will be three in the city) after receiving a low-interest loan through GTUA and Texas Water Development Board at a cost of $1.2M. This new well will allow us the capacity for new growth which is coming our way.

Our Type A Community Development Board and Type B Economic Development Board have been busy this year with several marketing improvements to the city.

Our library and TBVFD departments are staffed with volunteers of our community and we appreciate their service and dedicated to better our lives and keep us safe.
The City Staff, Public Works, and Police Department are continuously working to improve and serve our citizens.