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Update City of Tom Bean Property Taxes in 2020

New Home sign

New Home signThe appraisal district is only responsible for determining what the market value of your property was on January 1. The taxing jurisdictions (county, cities, schools, hospital districts, and water districts) determine your tax burden based upon the tax rates they adopt to fund their operating budgets.

The property tax rates for the City of Tom Bean have been steadily going down over the last six years as shown below. Due to the increase of new homes being built, this will enable us to decrease the property tax rates over the coming years as well.

2014–.623753/$100 valuation
2015–.623753/$100 valuation
2016–.596287/$100 valuation
2017–.567362/$100 valuation
2018–.567362/$100 valuation
2019–.535992/$100 valuation
2020–.528211/$100 valuation (proposed by the city council on 09/08)

New and Improved Blessing Box

We have had a blessing box outside of City Hall for about a year. The original donated box has served us well for almost a year, but it was now time to expand our capacity. Today, the new and improved blessing box has been installed and restocked. This is a labor of love for anyone needing help.

This well-built cabinet should serve us well for many years! Special thanks to the Tom Bean Public Works Department, Steve Dane, William Cobert, Dakota Bomsburger, Mary Ann Starnes, husband of Mayor Howard Larry Howard, and Shauna Bradshaw for organizing the blessing box for us.

We are asking that people drop off donations to City Hall and we will store them in our kitchen until we get the additional shelves installed.

We are in need of breakfast items. In addition, these are the items most commonly donated and used to stock the Blessing Box:

  • Canned food with ring-pulls
  • Socks
  • Mittens
  • Hand warmers
  • Crackers
  • Toilet paper
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Bottled water
  • Small snacks
  • Toiletries, including hand soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste
  • Baby wipes

Congratulations to our 2020 Graduates!

Thanks to residents Cindy Thompson and Roberta Wiggs for setting up this tribute to our 2020 Tom Bean High School seniors at the City pavilion!

And some special recognition to our two City of Tom Bean/Republic Services $500 scholarship recipients:
Lindsey Garner and Sierra Punzel.
Congratulations to you ladies! This is also posted at the pavilion.

Mayor’s Newsletter: Our City’s 2019 Accomplishments

Tom Bean’s 2019 Accomplishments and Happenings

Tom Bean monument after being restored.
After leveling and cleaning!

1) The Tom Bean Monument restoration project was completed in February 2019.

This was a private donations effort over several years and we were finally able to contract out the effort at a cost of $2500 for the re-leveling of the founder of our town, Thomas Bean, who is buried in Willow Wild Cemetery in Bonham, Texas. Power Jack Foundation Repair out of Paris, Texas was very gracious to power wash the monument free of charge and made it look so much better than before. We are proud of this accomplishment and want to thank all of our generous donors for their part in this effort.

2) ZAYO fiber optics installed

ZAYO fiber optics installed for Region 10 ISD through Tom Bean on the north side of Hwy 11 from Tom Bean Middle School to Whitewright. This was a great benefit for the school system.

3) TNMP Siren Grant

The City applied for a Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP) grant earlier this year and actually were granted $2,155 to purchase/install a new siren controller for our siren which is located on our downtown water tower and the controller is now in the fire station. The siren can be activated via a cellphone versus having to go to the fire station and manually push the button! This upgrade has been needed for a long time in the city. Thank you TNMP!

4) Safe Route to School Grant Application

Through our city engineer, we were able to apply for a Texas Department of Transportation 2019 Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TASA) safe routes to school infrastructure (SRTS). This sidewalk will go from the MS along Hwy 11 on the north side to the ES. It can be used by the children going and coming from school as well as citizens needing to get to various businesses along the way. We will hear something this month if we were chosen as a recipient of this grant which has been figured at $697,123. NO local match is required!!

5) Holley Grove Housing Development

Tom Bean welcomes new housing options within the city.

Our new housing development at the east end of town (Holley Grove) kicked off in August with Phase 1 being six new homes. They are presently at 90% completion. Phase 2 of the additional 20 homes will begin hopefully later this year. Thank you, Josh Holley and Donny Lasko for choosing Tom Bean to build this beautiful development of homes.

6) Lowered Property Tax Rate

Tom Bean City Council approved the lowering of the property tax rate from .567362/$100 to .535992/$100 for 2020.

7) New North Water Well

The effort for a new North Water Well was started in October 2016 with sealed bids being opened on February 8, 2017. The contractor was selected for the $1.2M effort and this new water well with its 125,000-gallon storage tank will be online in the city this month. We will be able to furnish water to 976 houses in the future and have the ability to pump 843,840 gallons per day! We are ready for growth.

Building the new water tank.

8) $500 Student Scholarships and Spring Cleanup Effort

By contract negotiations with our trash service provider, we have been able to provide two (2) $500 scholarships to our Tom Bean Seniors for the last three years. We will be providing a trash dumpster for our water customers in the spring cleanup effort—date TBD.

9) Citiwide Real Estate Office Opens

A new real estate office has recently opened up at the old Tom Bean Station next to Dollar General. Citiwide Real Estate Services is open for business with the Grand Opening being scheduled sometime in February!

Tom Bean directional sign10) Directional Signs in City

Type B Economic Development Board voted to purchase a new directional sign which has been mounted at the intersection of South Britton and Hwy 11 in the median area.

Tom Bean’s Annual Christmas parade.

11) Successful Autumn Nights and Christmas Parade Events

Autumn Nights in October and the Christmas Parade in December were two very successful events in our city this year. Many thanks to everyone who helped make these events successful and fun for everyone. Check out our website’s calendar for information on the numerous events scheduled in Tom Bean.

12) Blessing Box Helps People in Need

A Blessing Box was installed at City Hall by the library entrance door at the east end of the building in late November. What generous people have stepped forward and kept the box filled for the last month! We want to thank everyone who has provided items for the box for the people in the community who may need a helping hand.

New Blessing Box at City Hall helps people in need.

13) Whitewright Sun Chosen as Official Newspaper

The Whitewright Sun was chosen as the city official newspaper by the city council at the end of 2019r. Now we can read items pertaining to our city.

If you would like to discuss any of these projects or have any other questions, please feel free to call Mayor Sherry Howard at 903-546-3010. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Mayor of Tom Bean.

Mayor Howard, Court Clerk Tammy Phillips and State Rep. Pat Fallon kick of the fire dept. pancake breakfast preceding Autumn Nights
Mayor Howard, Court Clerk Tammy Phillips and State Rep. Pat Fallon kick of the fire dept. pancake breakfast preceding Autumn Nights.

— Mayor Sherry E. Howard

Review and Show your Support for our TXDOT Sidewalk Grant.

UPDATE: The grant package has been submitted to TXDOT. We will be notified in December if our application was accepted. The City would like to thank the many people who took the time to submit their comments online. 

The City of Tom Bean is applying for a TXDOT Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program (TA Set-Aside) Grant. The emphasis of this grant is to proactively plan, design and construct facilities to safely accommodate pedestrians. The purpose of the project is to provide a direct connection between important community destinations (such as schools, employment, shopping, and recreational areas) and to increase mobility options. These grants will be selected through a competitive process administered by TXDOT and community input is important. This grant is fully funded by TXDOT.

Sidewalk Grant Map v. 2

Download a PDF version of the map. (v.2)

Our proposed sidewalk would originate from the elementary, cross Highway 11 and then all the way down Hwy 11 and then on to Franklin to the Middle School. This route could safely allow our students to walk safely between the Middle School and Elementary school along with other pedestrian traffic.

If this is something that you feel like would benefit the city and our schools, we would appreciate your support to include in our grant application. Below, you may show your support by taking a moment to fill out and submit a consent form.

Thank you and you are welcome to contact Mayor Sherry E. Howard if you have any questions or need clarification.

Warmest regards,

Mayor Sherry E. Howard

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Mayor’s Newsletter — December, 2018

As we launch our new City of Tom Bean website, the City Council and I are so happy to have finally accomplished this overdue project. It will feature many new options of which several will be automated and more convenient for you, as the customer, to use and communicate easier with the city staff.

As we start 2019, there are several projects that I am very proud that we accomplished last year. They include the Holcombville Water Systems Improvement grant of which was a $207,420 grant with the city’s portion being $18,000. New water lines have been installed throughout the neighborhood in addition to two new fire hydrants.

We were also notified that we were a recipient of the TNMP grant for $2,155 in which we will be installing new radio-controlled remotes for the siren system. Last year we started the new North Well (will be three in the city) after receiving a low-interest loan through GTUA and Texas Water Development Board at a cost of $1.2M. This new well will allow us the capacity for new growth which is coming our way.

Our Type A Community Development Board and Type B Economic Development Board have been busy this year with several marketing improvements to the city.

Our library and TBVFD departments are staffed with volunteers of our community and we appreciate their service and dedicated to better our lives and keep us safe.
The City Staff, Public Works, and Police Department are continuously working to improve and serve our citizens.