How to Address the P&Z Commission

The members of the Planning and Zoning Board welcome the opportunity to discuss ideas, issues, and concerns with the citizens of Tom Bean and other stakeholders.

To facilitate an orderly process, we request that you give the following information to the City Secretary using the following form:

Request to address the Planning and Zoning Board

You may use the above form, or you may provide the same information (in writing) by other means (e.g. typed and printed letter, email, etc.) if you wish.

  • Name:
  • Street Address of Subject Property:
  • Your Mailing Address:
  • Your Phone Number
  • A typed or legibly printed description of the topic you wish to discuss. (Please be as clear as possible with 200 words or less.)

Please bring any relevant documents, pictures, drawings, etc., that will help us understand your topic.

The City Secretary will contact us and we will add your topic to the agenda of an upcoming P&Z Meeting.

Please note that the Open Meeting laws require us to publish our agenda several days before the meeting. The deadline for submitting your request is the Tuesday prior to the agenda’s posting on Friday. The commission normally meets on the first and third Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM (see the City Calendar).

You will be limited to 15 minutes or less to discuss your topic unless the Board agrees in advance to a longer time period.