Learn about the Planning and Zoning Commission

Here are our Zoning Ordinances, Tables, and Maps:

This easy to use reference table shows which uses are available within each zoning classification such as: Accessory and Incidental uses, Educational, Residential, Office, Commercial, Service and much more.

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TitleDateFile TypeFile SizeLink
07 10 2023 P&Z AgendaJuly 7, 2023pdf175 KB
Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance with UPDATE APPENDIX 1 (2019-11)May 20, 2023pdf4 MB
Variance Application 2023January 11, 2023pdf149 KB
Zoning Use Table APPENDIX 1: District Regulations November 2019January 5, 2020pdf121 KB
Zoning Use TableApril 12, 2019pdf77 KB
Request to Address the Planning and Zoning BoardDecember 17, 2015pdf23 KB
2006 Zoning MapDecember 25, 2010pdf552 KB

Permitting, Plats, and Much More:

All remodeling and permitting forms, guidelines, and checklists are on the Permits page.

Development ordinances and building codes are on the Development Ordinances page.