Development Ordinances

All of our ordinances, including the currently adopted versions of the International Building Codes, are listed here.

Below are the most frequently referenced ordinances related to development.

Please also see the Permits page for the forms and checklists we use.

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TitleDateFile TypeFile SizeLink
Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance with UPDATE APPENDIX 1 (2019-11)May 20, 2023pdf4 MB
Plat Development Fees Amendment 2022-05December 15, 2022pdf259 KB
Street and Road Ordinance 2022 01February 5, 2021pdf447 KB
Zoning Use Table APPENDIX 1: District Regulations November 2019January 5, 2020pdf121 KB
Amending Permit Fees 2019 08July 17, 2019pdf230 KB
Subdivision Ordinance 2019 01February 9, 2019pdf1 MB
2018 14 International Property Maintenance CodeAugust 3, 2018pdf292 KB
Fair Housing Ordinance 2014 14October 4, 2014pdf484 KB
International Energy Conservation Code 2012 10February 13, 2012pdf80 KB
International Fire Code (1) 2012 09February 13, 2012pdf188 KB
International Fuel Gas Code 2012 08February 13, 2012pdf188 KB
International Mechanical Code 2012 07February 13, 2012pdf186 KB
International Plumbing Code 2012 06February 13, 2012pdf189 KB
International Residential Code 2012 05February 13, 2012pdf168 KB
International Building Code 2012 04February 13, 2012pdf80 KB
Sign Ordinance 2005 07June 13, 2005pdf196 KB