City Elections Postponed until November in Emergency Meeting; Audio File Available

The Mayor called an emergency session to extend the Declaration of Disaster, to cancel the regularly Scheduled April City Council meeting, and to act upon the Secretary of State’s Election Advisory that we must take action to postpone the election until November immediately. This meeting was held by Zoom/teleconference to comply with social distancing requirements.

These ordinances were adopted by the Council; The city election was postponed until November and the Declaration of Disaster was extended.

Disaster Declaration Signed Version – ORDINANCE 2020-03A

Election Date Change Signed Version — ORDINANCE 2020-02

Additional Materials for Review:

SOS, Election Advisory, Executive Order

Here is the recording of the teleconference meeting.

Please note that the recording starts after the roll call was taken and the meeting was called to order.

Councilmembers and staff attending:
Tammy Phillips, Municipal Court Clerk
Cathy Pugh, City Clerk
Sherry E. Howard, Mayor
Brittany Melton, Councilmember
Aaron Marshall, Councilmember
Mike Upchurch, Mayor Pro-Tem
Dawson Nitcholas, Councilmember
Daniel Harrison, Councilmember